Women in Leadership

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  • Create your success on purpose!
  • Overcome Internal and External Obstacles
  • Develop your Unique Leadership Brand
  • Move forward, Clarity of Direction, Balance in life and perspectives, Enhanced tools
  • Gain Confidence

As women continue to gain high-level managerial experience, they often conclude that the traditional path to success does not suit their life-style or ambition. Yet, they feel that there is no choice but to balance on the cutting edge of professional women’s progress, often with a sense of having to go it alone.

We are leaders in supporting women in Leadership Development Programs and are often asked to address groups of various sizes and for various lengths of time – from key note 90 minute to 3 – 6 hour interactive workshops.  In the end, no matter the time, the outcome is consistent:   Energized, Shared Strategies and Tactics, Ready for Action!

These programs are best suited for professional women who:

  • Look around and wonder “Is this all there is?”
  • Believe they can be more successful than they are
  • Feel that what is important to them is getting lost in everyday demands
  • Want to stop the cycle of crazy-busy and work on Intentional Impact!

Over the past decade, we’ve seen more and more women rise to the position of power.

We’ve kept a close watch on the issues that only women have to contend with, including many obstacles they must overcome.

Some External Obstacles Include:
  • Unconscious stereotyping women’s roles and abilities
  • Difficulties of working and networking in a male dominated work environment
  • Dual Commitment to both career and personal/family responsibilities
  • Internal Obstacles
Some internal, Self-imposed barriers: 
  • Critical self talk, unrealistic self-expectations, low self-confidence
  • Difficulties making tough choices necessary for progress
  • Being viewed as assertive versus aggressive

Our goal is to help the women in business overcome these obstacles and develop them into highly effective, world class leaders.

We do this by focusing on articulating a clear vision, developing followership, and setting a clear direction and tone in the organization. This way, when they meet success – they’ve done so on their terms!

"Luck is preparation meeting opportunity."

- Oprah Winfrey